It's time to be the version of you

that you're meant to be

I'm a Certified Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. I call what I do Whole-istic Healing because I believe that in order to experience our wholeness, we have to treat ourselves as a whole (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally).


Since hitting my first major rock bottom over a decade ago within an addiction, I have been on the journey of healing, self-discovery and empowerment. It was the catalyst that led me to learn how to become the version of me that I was meant to be, and now I get to support others in doing the same.


The life you dream of is possible, and you have everything you need inside of you to create it. 


I see you. I hear you. I get you. And I invite you to to rediscover the strong, bold, loving human you truly are. Let's get you back home to yourself and into the life you really want, shall we?!


Call a spade a spade!

This is where you learn about your "Fear Self" and how to transform the cycle keeping you stuck by becoming conscious of the beliefs and patterns that have been unconsciously controlling you. Befriending that part of you is what will allow you to heal, grow and LIVE.


Here you learn how to listen to and trust your heart with unshakeable confidence. You will tap into your true power and connect with your inner knowing to uncover the strength and wisdom that you have within. This is where you rediscover your True Self AKA exactly who you are and what you're capable of!


Landing in the place where you know that you are whole and perfect just as you are. Allowing yourself to feel the fullness of your essence. It's a space of complete self-acceptance, trust and compassion. It's unconditional love and an opening up to a heart-centered way of being, which

heals the split between the two versions of you - your Fear Self and True Self.


This is your liberation.

By releasing the control of your fears, embracing all of you, owning who you are and boldly leading with your heart, you will experience life the way you've always wanted to. You will be able to consciously choose (with ease) to live every single day as your True Self and ultimately - LIVE the life you you're meant for.


(other than lots of growth + laughs of course)

I know how scary it can feel to be vulnerable (believe me!), and it is my first priority to create a safe space that nurtures openness and healing.


The bond that you and I will have together is built on compassion, unconditional love and support.


Know that at all times I will hold that space for you.

It takes courage to open up - I honour you for that.

I’m a passionate and straight- talkin' human. Which means that I have A LOT of heart when I speak and will consistently call it like it is by *lovingly* challenging you on your BS (AKA belief systems).


Real honest truth - that is what you can expect from me.


And trust me when I say that it ALWAYS comes from a place of serving your highest good.

Your growth matters.

I believe that everything we have ever needed is already inside of us.

You know your needs better than anyone (even if you doubt that now) and I help you bring to light who truly you are, what you deeply want and how to actually have it.


I don’t tell you what to do, I teach you how to discern for yourself what is true.

You have a strength inside of you that you deserve to know.


I came to Amanda with no direction. I knew in my heart the person that I am inside but had no idea how to find her again. My life felt overwhelming and inauthentic. I didn't love myself or have self-worth. My anxiety was leading the way and keeping me from my best life. It blocked me from truly enjoying life and my family. A lot of my sentences began with "My fear is", or "I am scared to". I followed Amanda's Instagram account for months before I contacted her. She would say things that spoke directly to my heart, yet fear kept us apart. Finally, I reached out. Full of doubt and anxiety we proceeded forward. The thought of diving into the darkest parts of myself left me overwhelmed and vulnerable. She assured me that the "work" we would be doing would be easy because it was all coming from inside of me. It was the best decision I have ever made. Amanda taught me how to sort through my feelings and get to where they began. She taught me how to live true to myself and how to lead with love. These were all things I wanted to do, but had no idea where to start. She gave me a toolkit for life and lessons that will live with me for the rest of mine. I am living authentically through my emotions and loving myself for all that I am, just as I am. It feels like I'm floating through life with the amount of stress that is lifted. That is not to say that every day is easy, I just have the strength of heart to get through them now.  There is not enough thank you's in the world that could make up for what Amanda gave me. Don't wait one more day for your life to start.  

-Liza A, USA

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